ANEMOIA — n. /an-uh-moya/
nostalgia for a time you’ve never known.
“The past is a foreign country, but we’re only tourists. We can’t expect to understand the locals, or why they do what they do. We can only ask them to hold still so we can capture a photo to take home with us. So we can sit for a few minutes in a world of black & white, with clean borders that protect us from the rush of time. Like a tide pool, just out of reach of the waves, that lets you linger in the moment so clear and still, you can see your own reflection."

-- John Koenig, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows


The term “anemoia” was recently coined in The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, an art project dedicated to naming nameless emotions. It describes the bittersweet feeling one experiences when looking at old photographs, but it’s far from a superficial feeling of nostalgia for problematic “good old days.” Instead, it speaks to the way objects — like old photos or vintage dresses— serve as catalysts through which we can learn about ourselves, our collective past, and our future.


Founded by Jessica Clowney in 2010, Anemoia Vintage is a Pittsburgh-based online vintage boutique with a focus on 1920s-40s fashion. Like most vintage sellers, Jessica started as a collector. When her collection outgrew her closet,a store was born. Anemoia approaches vintage from a place that is equal parts historical reverence and fashion relevance. It is a one woman operation with Jessica handling everything from sourcing to modeling to shipping.
Jessica also runs Made & Found, a quarterly market showcasing exceptional regional artists, makers and vintage dealers in the Pittsburgh region.